Forest City Talent Education

Delight must be the basis and aim of this art.

The Program

Class Schedule

  9:00 am 9:30 am 10:00 am 10:30 am 11:00 am
Cafetorium Play In - Books 1-4     Recital Senior Orchestra
Library   Forest City Cellos    
Rm 136   Forest City Harps    
Rm 137/8   Forest City Violins   Intermediate Orchestra
Rm 140   Veracini Ensemble    
Rm 145   Seitz Violins Boccherini Violins    
Rm 147   Becker Violins Seitz Violins    
Rm 148     Becker Violins    
Rm 149   Boccherini Violins Schumann Violins    
Rm 152 Mozart Cellos Bach Cellos Cello Play-In    
Rm 156 Paganini Cellos Vivaldi Cellos      
Rm 158   Vivaldi Violins    
Rm 159 Bach & Vivaldi Cellos Paganini Cellos      
Rm 161 Folk Song Violins Bach Violins Bach Violins    
Rm 165 Pre-Twinkle Violins Twinkle, Folk Song Violins & Mozart Cellos      
Rm 167 Twinkle Violins Pre-Twinkle Violins Choral Ensemble    
Rm 169   Kreisler Ensemble   Junior Orchestra
Rm 243   Forest City Violas    
Rm 243/242 Forest City Guitars    

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